i love sending mail

if you know me irl, you'll know i worked for the usps as a mail carrier for 4 months & really really loved it except I quit because the number of hours i was having to put in was causing strain on my mental health & my relationships with people i love. however, this has not caused me any disdain toward the mail. i still like sending mail and receiving mail back.

if you would like to be pen pals or even just send a few notes back n' forth 2 each other, please email me at


some things we could be mailing each other:

-small zine where we each do a page each time we receive it & trade it.

-postcard art & homemade cards

-dream share & analysis (open to opinions & thoughts about what they could mean)

-some pieces of dead grass in an envelope

-we make up characters & write to each other as though we are simply living out our fictional lives